Welcome to Hal Jespersen's personal webpage. Read about my activities involving the American Civil War, my cartography business, traveling to non-Civil War locations, and my running hobby. (Click on one of the three photos below or the menu above.)


My wife Nancy and I have taken a number of trips and cruises together and I often write up comprehensive travelogues with lots of photos and narrative. Visit my page to travel with us to numerous national parks and cities, in the US and abroad, and educational trips with Road Scholar and other tour groups.

Hal and Nancy at Vision Quest elephant preserve

Civil War

I am an amateur historian and professional cartographer of the American Civil War. Visit my page containing travelogues of Civil War battlefields and events, pointers to my extensive writing and mapmaking on Wikipedia, and other Civil War resources. (Or visit my cartography website [www.CWmaps.com] directly.)

Hal on Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga


My other major hobby is running (jogging?) marathons and half marathons. I raced many seasons with Team in Training, a program of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society that raises funds while participating in endurance sports. Visit my page to see my progress in training for my next running event.

Hal at the Seattle Marathon, 2016