2021 Civil War Travelogue

Welcome to my 2021 travelogue page! (Since these reports tend to be lengthy, they are often in separate HTML pages. Use the links just below to see all the finished reports.)

Here is a reminder about the reason I write these pages the way I do. They record my experiences and impressions of Civil War trips primarily for my future use. Thus, they sometimes make assumptions about things I already know and focus on insights that I receive. They are not general-purpose descriptions for people unfamiliar with the Civil War, although I sometimes link to various Wikipedia articles throughout. Apologies about the quality of interior photographs—I don't take fancy cameras with big flashes to these events. If you would like to be notified of new travelogues, connect to me via Facebook.

Here are my completed trips:

Here are events I have committed to attending in 2021:

  • None at the moment! This coronavirus thing has really nuked my travel schedule.

And here are interesting ones that I am considering (or did consider and canceled):

If you are aware of an interesting opportunity, please email me, using the link in the top menu.